MAGNOTHERM wins SET Award 2024
MAGNOTHERM Co-Founder Timur Sirman

MAGNOTHERM, a pioneering climate tech company building sustainable, efficient cooling solutions, has been honored with the esteemed Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award for 2024, recognizing their groundbreaking contributions to revolutionizing the refrigeration industry. The award was presented at the SET Tech Festival in Berlin, where MAGNOTHERM was recognized for innovative excellence and its commitment to a sustainable future. With over 430 applications from around the globe, being recognized in the top industry startup at #SET100 is not just an honor, but a call to action. 

“I attended the SET Awards a couple of years ago and was extremely impressed by the startups presenting on stage, actually being the winning startup ourselves feels unreal. We have come very far within the last years, and Ilook forward to seeing how much further we will go.”

says MAGNOTHERM CEO and co-founder, Timur Sirman.

The Start Up Energy Transition Award (SET) is an international competition for startups worldwide who are working on ideas affecting the global energy transition and climate change. In the last seven years, the award has received more than 3,100 applications from over 100 countries. The awards celebrate five leading companies whose innovations propel the energy transition forward. MAGNOTHERM’s winning of the Start Up Award in the Industry category cements its position as a leader within the green energy transition ecosystem.

“This award is a great international recognition,” says COO and co-founder Dr. Maximillian Fries. “The prize recognizes the effort of our entire team.”

With nearly a tenth of global CO2 equivalent emissions coming from the cooling and refrigeration industry, MAGNOTHERM aims to disrupt the industry and build a solution that’s up to 40% more energy efficient than traditional gas compression refrigerators, a technology which hasn’t significantly changed in nearly 200 years.

“It was absolutely amazing to be there,” says Juan Stockermans, Business Development Manager. “We’re ready to turn this evolution into the coolest revolution!”


MAGNOTHERM was founded in Darmstadt in 2019 and has grown to an international team of over 40 people. As MAGNOTHERM continues to grow and enter its products into the market with a commercial refrigeration unit in the works, the SET Award is a powerful reminder of the impact that innovative startups can have on the global energy landscape. With a net-zero 2050 in sight, the company is committed to delivering solutions that not only meet the current demands but also pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

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