Frankfurt School Entrepreneurship Centre Demo Day 2023
The demo day 2023.

Frankfurt School hosted its “Demo Day,” a vibrant celebration of the second cohort of startups nurtured by the FS Entrepreneurship Centre. At the Demo Day, each startup presented its pitch to investors, Business angels, students, and a panel of Venture Capital jury members, competing for prizes worth a total of 50.000 EUR. MEDICEO won the first prize and got a reward of 30.000 EUR. DatafabriQ landed the second place with a prize of 20.000 EUR.

The startups

MEDICEO: Honoured for immediate, personalized decision support in healthcare. Their innovative solution significantly reduces research and documentation time for medical professionals, enhancing patient care and delivering personalized treatments. MEDICEO is strategically integrating its software into hospital systems to unlock a new era of medical excellence. ( Prize)

DatafabriQ: The second-place winner at the pitch night, DatafabriQ, introduces dataspace connectors-as-a-service, empowering companies to establish connections between digital twins throughout their supply chains. These digital twins, whether representing products, processes, or production lines, communicate using standardized language, enabling features like carbon footprint tracking (2.nd Prize) Empowers creators to fund imaginative ventures like movies, books, and music. With 100+ projects ready for integration and an MVP set for launch, they’re working towards a marketplace license.

Cognate: Hyper-personalized content for users’ professions, industries, and interests is the pulsing vine of Cognate and its revolutionary approach to language learning. This is all augmented by AI-powered tutors and chat friends. The MVP was launched late last year and further focused on redesigning the product to emphasize user engagement.

Vestium: The team is reshaping the way people interact with their wardrobes. Their innovative app enables users to create 3D scans of clothing, offering applications such as a digital closet, outfit visualization, and a second-hand marketplace.

Green Elephant Biotech (GEB): The company strives to facilitate sustainable practices for researchers and the biopharmaceutical sector. They have spearheaded the creation and dissemination of innovative, patented technology using plant-derived polymer known as polylactic acid (PLA). GEB is currently raising 4 million euros in seed funding, with 1 million euros committed.

A supportive competition and alumni network

An impressive keynote speech was held by Frankfurt School Alumna Franziska Reh, CEO & Founder of Uncap – Unconventional Capital. Uncap’s mission is to make early-stage funding accessible to every good founder in Africa. So far, they have already provided funding to 86 companies across Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Other articles

Here is an interview with Ram Shoham (Director of FS Entrepreneurship Centre) from October 2022, when the Centre had just launched. Ram introduced and implemented the Accelerator Program to the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He emphasizes that entrepreneurs and young founders are competitors (e.g. for investments) but should support each other, especially at the Frankfurt School.

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