Global Woman  Club lands in Germany via Frankfurt

Are you a Global Woman? Do you want to become one? You are not sure what we mean by this? If any of these questions are answered with a YES, then you should read on.

Meet Maike and Lilli, the initiators and also startupers from Rhine-Main ( They are two female entrepreneurs who want to have more networking opportunities here and abroad. They love environments where they can exchange, grow, empower and be empowered, where they can share our business stories (both entrepreneurial or corporate) and make new acquaintances or even friends.

That’s why they decided to bring the international business network for women – Global Woman – to Germany and of cause to Frankfurt. With their young, vibrant, open, diverse mindset they are the perfect spot for this out-of-the-box network. Founded by Mirela Sula in London, now in over 16 countries and growing as we write this, they are honored to be the first outpost in Germany.

“Give a woman a microphone” is the Global Woman’s motto to empower YOU.

They give you the stage if you want it, they give you the business connections, they give you reason to travel internationally to visit other Clubs.

They are going to introduce Global Woman to Frankfurt and also Frankfurt to the big Global Woman international community on Sunday, October 14th at Le Meridien in downtown Frankfurt. It’s a FREE event because they want you and your network to come and check it out.

So if you are curious, follow the links below for further information.

Also check out their page on Facebook and the Global Woman Club page.

and get your FREE Tickets here

NO TIME on the 14th or Sunday is just not your networking day?
Then you can book your tickets for the first regular breakfast meeting the day after – Monday, 15th of October

Maike & Lilli


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