LOVR hemp-based material is used for KIA Concept Car in Seoul

A milestone has been reached in the automotive and sustainability industry. LOVR, the hemp-based material developed by the startup revoltech (Darmstadt), was incorporated into a Concept Car for the first time. The car is now publicly exhibited in Seoul. The concept Model EV4, developed by KIA Motors, embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and environmentally friendly mobility. We spoke to Montgomery Wagner, co-founder and COO at revoltech about the breakthrough collaboration. The startup is well on their way to starting a sustainable revolution in the textile industry.

“We are very excited about the cooperation. LOVR not only exemplifies sustainability but also stands out for its remarkable ease of processing. Our sustainable material alternative showcases how environmentally friendly solutions can be seamlessly integrated into automotive manufacturing, setting new standards in eco-conscious production, and marking a significant step toward replacing traditional materials with sustainable alternatives in vehicles.”

Big vision for 2030

“The automotive industry is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. We are determined to play our part in making mobility more sustainable. Our vision is to replace all leather and plastic surfaces in vehicles with CO2-neutral, plastic-free, vegan materials by 2030. We are committed to achieving this ambitious goal in order to have the maximum positive impact on the environment and the mobility industry. We believe that our commitment to sustainability and innovative materials will help steer the future of the automotive industry in a greener and more ethical direction.

KIA Worldwide is determined to support the change

Marília Bill, Head of CMF Design at Kia Worldwide explains why LOVR was chosen for the car’s interior: “Not only is it highly sustainable, but it’s also highly moldable too, which means it is a very versatile material to work with, plus it enhances the EV concept’s cabin with its beautiful rich color.” She further adds: “Hemp is a rapidly growing plant that requires minimal resources to cultivate.”

It takes an openness to new ways

“This is an exceptional opportunity to work with partners who share revoltech’s passion for circular economy and sustainability. Indeed, this collaboration requires an openness to new ways of doing things and a willingness to engage in the processing of new and innovative materials”, adds Wagner.

KIA Concept EV4 interior
KIA Concept EV4 exterior

About revoltech

Revoltech, a startup from Darmstadt, founded in 2021, is developing a revolutionary surface material based on hemp residue called LOVR. Dedicated to changing the way textiles are made and providing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for the textile industry. Their material LOVR is not only plastic-free but also biodegradable and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, quality, and environmental responsibility.

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