Germany and the Future of Football? Are we planting some seeds from Frankfurt?

Germany and the Future of Football? Are we planting some seeds from Frankfurt?

Gary Lineker once said that Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.
In the past, this quote was used because of the physical and mental power that was even beating talent. Today, it´s no longer that. Germany has a unique project for football and the approach is now collecting results.
After becoming World Champions in 2014, some days ago Germany won their second U21 EURO title and the Confederations Cup in Russia.  With great merit and consensus between football lovers.
What is backing up the success of this generation? Multiple factors I guess, maybe this is not the page to analyse it, but indeed, there is one topic that I´m sure is helping. Technology.
Technology in sports has been the driver of changes. Take the example of  VAR – Video Assistance Referee – tested at the Confederations Cup and about to be used next season in MLS or Bundesliga.
Just like in Tennis or American Football, technology will have a deep impact not only on the game itself but on the way people play it – enjoy it.
Germany has been an early adopter and that will make a difference.
In that scope, companies like Tracktics, can have a role to better assist team and players in getting better results and transform this sport.
Do you know them?
TRACKTICS is indeed a startup with an office in Frankfurt. They are part of the EuropeanPioneers accelerator programme and joined the Business
What do they do?
They developed a system that enables football teams and players to track athletic performance data including distance, acceleration, and speed on the pitch. TRACKTICS’ unique offering of a football wearable and data analysis is the first system of its kind and accurately delivers valuable data, affordably, to players and coaches on every level.
Want to know more?
They have won the EXIST Gründerstipendium in the past but the best award for them would be to have more football clubs using their technology.
As a football lover/player, I bet there is plenty of room for it worldwide.
Fingers crossed for this start-up.

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