Social Responsibility endorsement – sharing is caring

Social Responsibility endorsement – sharing is caring

Today, 89% of consumers are willing to recommend companies with excellent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scores, compared to only 6% of consumers who would recommend companies with poor CSR scores. This is a very interesting fact from Reputation Institute the world’s leading research and advisory firm for reputation.
As a consumer, I want to do my part and highlight two Start-ups in Frankfurt which I believe are developing very interesting services and with a good CSR.

My first pick: bikuh

The founders of bikuh wanted to focus on Climate-friendly advertising that would double impact and makes cycling profitable.
bikuh connects private bike riders and advertising partners, creating a multi-sided business model that has a triple win effect. The bike rider, the advertiser, and the environment benefit.
Bike riders can rent an advertising space on their front wheel to companies and in exchange earn money for every ridden kilometer. Thus incentivizing an environmental behavior. Advertising partners, on the other hand, can decide who they want their ads to be ridden by and where.

With the bikuh app ( still to be finished ) the company collects information such as the exposure of the campaign, CO2 emissions saved, etc.. Offering digital evaluation tools that are new outdoor media.
Currently, bikuh has started with its pilot phase in Frankfurt. Some of the advertising clients being the City of Frankfurt and TraffiQ for the European Mobility week.

Want to know more? Bikuh webpage

My second pick: Freiskript

The Freiskript mission is simple: to enable all students in Germany to print their lecture notes for free – in bright colors and a high quality.
In order to achieve this ambitious goal, they work closely with a number of small and major company partners, which reach out to students by placing advertisements within the lecture notes printed.

Thereby Freiskript creates a platform through which companies can get in touch with an extremely relevant target group and students are able to inform themselves about interesting offers of various companies.

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Freiskript is an Unibator project and you can find more info here: Freiskript Webpage
If you like this topic, there are plenty of good examples here: Frankfurt Social Impact Lab
Now it´s your turn.
Please share these projects within your network and comment bellow leaving other projects that you endorse and recommend by their Social Responsibility.

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