CloudRail makes it easy to switch Cloud Storage Providers

CloudRail makes it easy to switch Cloud Storage Providers

The enterprise cloud storage pricing war between Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and other BaaS provider just accelerated even more. CloudRail, a leading API integration provider, has released a unified API which allows developers to seamless switch between providers in minutes. This eliminates the main technical barrier which prevented ISVs and application builders from switching to another more inexpensive offering.

With it’s new Unified API for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Backblaze, CloudRail allows developers to integrate all these services via a single API. This makes the services consistent, easily exchangeable, and low maintenance. The Mannheim based startup has set out to fundamentally change the way API integrations are done for developers. Instead of manual one by one integrations, CloudRail bundles multiple services into a single API and delivered via a SDK. Besides professional cloud storage providers, CloudRail offers interfaces for social networks, consumer cloud storage, payment, point of interest and many more. The offering allows developers to do integrations significantly faster and without running into vendor lock-ins.

“We think it is fundamentally wrong how integrations are done today. APIs should be provider agnostic to let developers integrate a set of functions like the ability to store files in the cloud rather than a specific vendor name. APIs today are all different even though they provide exactly the same functions. With CloudRail we are standardizing APIs so developers can freely choose and switch providers”, says Felix Kollmar, CEO of CloudRail.

Besides simplified integration and switchability, CloudRail provides API Change Management features that keeps all integrations up-to-date thus solving another well known problem amongst developers: Changing APIs.


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