Start-up-Radar: Gapster

Customized Sustainability Check- Find companies that survive your sustainability check. Sustainability covers corporates’ environmental, social and governance performance. Select from 8000 international companies with more than 150 million employees.

Today we want to highlight an Unibator project – Gapster -a cloud solution for the HR-management that provides valid online-assessments to employees and applicants in more than 20 languages.

Through testing their general mental abilities, personalities, integrity, work related motivation, gathering performance indicators and diverse preferences (e.g. sustainability) they analyze companies‘ needs, culture & personnel development goals and inform their recruiting processes based on smart data.

Due to an individual matching algorithm they increase the job fit, team fit and corporate fit and therefore the efficiency of recruiting.

Their challenges: Surviving the next year in the shark tank.

Their goal: Matching as much hidden champions as possible to enable them to prosper together.

Social Impact: Providing incentives to increase the sustainable performance of companies around the world.



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