And it’s NOT gone – Savedroid is Safe (?)

And it’s NOT gone – Savedroid is Safe (?)

Situation is now explained:


It was nothing but a Marketing/PR campaign to create awareness about the problems in the system and how Savedroid wants to be part or commits to solve it.

In terms of PR, what a success, Savedroid made it to most media channels, specialized or even big general ones, local and International.

Yesterday, I found Savedroid´s news in Portuguese, from Brazilian websites for example.

Guess audience and media coverage hit the roof. But, reading all the reactions and comments from “real” people, potential clients and investors, this may come with a price.

It´s really too soon to evaluate it, but will be really interesting to read and hear what will come from this.  Case Studie to follow up.


Savedroid will have benefits from the action, especially through media coverage of the company and links to its own page, but whether Savedroid has done a long-term favor and can win customers, small investors or venture capitalists, is highly doubtful.

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