How can we honor the value of creativity?

How can we honor the value of creativity?
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If creativity is the human’s USP, we should cherish it!

It has been a while since I have had the chance to reflect on my activities. Here I am  continuing the train of thought about how important the Unique Selling Proposition „CREATIVITY“ really is.

In previous reflections I concluded that creativity is the one thing that makes us humans so special. Our USP enables us to change the world. It empowers us to become truly rich. I also mentioned and encouraged us to change gears by getting into creative activity mode.

So how can we get into this mode? How can we honor the great value of creativity?

In my opinion, it is our conscious willingness and openness to the ones that are creators, “dreamers“ already. We may only learn from them. One way for example derives from my personal experience. I was honored to grow up learning about and indulging in the appreciation of fine art as well as its endless potential to spark creativity within the beholder. Others may have access to a different form of creativity such as fashion, the habit to wrap oneself in art. Any form of creation leads to a new dimension of comprehension. In other words, it leads us humans to further develop and grow our potential.

So, I am quite confident in my belief that it is only the proper and honest appreciation of the efforts of creativity that will enable us to further grow and flourish as a society. Rather than seeking the next cheap version of anything, we shall cherish the value of creativity.

How about finding the means to contribute directly to creativity? How about sparking and empowering people to create great new stuff? Crowdfunding, for instance, is a means to encourage creative leaders to create new, exciting things.


3Steps | Kai "SiveOne" Krieger, Joachim "Mr. Flash" Pitt, Uwe "Doc Nova" Krieger
3Steps | Kai Krieger, Joachim Pitt, Uwe Krieger | 3Steps art collective in their atelier

How about empowering creative leaders while enriching oneself with the ability to become more creative? How about having the opportunity to contribute to the future development of a creator while growing one‘s own creativity?

I am certain that if you give, you will receive in return. So instead of installing others to manage what you’ve got, give to others so that they create, and they will give in return.

Think about an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of a company. A company creates something, generates value. At the IPO, the company raises money in order to continue creating value. So, you might not only give the company money by buying stocks at their IPO, you might also be interested in buying their products or services as they add value to you. Others might want to follow you in the belief that the company actually does quite well.

So, you sell your stock at a premium to them, they sell to a later follower and on it goes!

In essence: 

We shall empower others so they may empower us. Instead of speculating on the stock market or saving money in a bank account with no or even negative interest rates, let us empower bright, creative minds like artists. It will spark our own creativity! 

How about finding means of contributing directly to creativity? How about sparking and empowering people to create great new stuff? Crowdfunding for instance is such a form of encouraging creative leaders to create new exciting things.

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