we {code} it – Win-Win for Students and Companies

we {code} it – Win-Win for Students and Companies

In a win-win situation all persons involved benefit more through the cooperation than without it, quasi a double win. This kind of overall asset experience for computer science students and companies is provided by the IT-Startup we {code} it located in Frankfurt, Germany.
The business model in a nutshell: The computer science students have the chance to gain more experience through coding and the companies profit from the attractive budget.
The innovation: future IT specialists work together with we {code} it on different projects, whereby it is easier for them to start a career. In return, the companies receive new and groundbreaking approaches of the young generation while the project- and quality-management is supervised by experts. Result: Additional benefit for all involved parties.
Until now the company, which was founded in August 2016, has established a community of more than 130 students. The coders receive constantly schoolings, in which they have the opportunity to deepen their basic knowledge and to build up their experience level.
We{code}it wants to prevent the outsourcing of programming abroad by involving local
students. Thanks to this concept, it is possible to support German quality companies on-site and without any language limitations, says CEO Haikal Khair. Likewise, there is no need for the students to compete with IT-experts overseas and they have the real chance to gain practical experience.
Since October 2016, we{code} it is part of the Unibator, the foundation center of the Goethe University Frankfurt. Thereby, the startup could transfer its headquarter to campus Bockenheim and expand.
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we {code} it
Sven L. Franzen
Senckenberganlage 31
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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