Diary of Travellers App

Diary of Travellers App

Bartholomäus Katzmarzyk (or just Bart), the man behind Travellers App, shared with me today a sort of testimonial of the creation and launch of his new project.
A story with roots in Kelkheim and Obertshausen,  a first person narrative/point of view, that definitely worth a highlight and a reading,
” It started at the end of the last year. During a Startup Brainstorming meetup I always wanted to present my idea in front of a little audience. So, after a few months, finally, the day came: I shared my thought about a different way to get guided through a city. My biggest problem as a traveler is that you never see a place how it really is. Either you get a guided tour or you go by yourself-both is not very satisfying. Couchsurfing would be a great idea – but I don’t want to sleep on someone else’s couch. On Facebook etc it’s way too complicated to find someone to help you and Tinder is great for a hookup – not for making friends and visiting a city with locals.
So my idea was to create an app like Tinder, where you can find locals with similar interests to guide you through their city. That’s how you can travel exactly how you like it and see a place through the eyes of a local.
As a local, you can meet strangers. At the first thought, not a great deal. But being alone, not helping anyone with your knowledge and staying in your comfort zone is a worse one. That’s why I think no one I talked to ever had a problem with that. But a lot of people told me what the biggest problem will be: getting a critical audience. The classy chicken-egg thing if you need users to get other users to use your app.
But the feedback was very positive. I talked a lot about the idea and feedback kept being positive. So I  paid a developer team to develop the App. Travellers App was born. From day one one thing was clear though: I will not charge a dime. People have to like it, after that we will think about money. Money later, mission first.
After a few months, the MVP was ready. And since today you can download it under
Next thing is marketing:
On Instagram, we already have 4.5k followers, so there is a small audience already to promote to. And now it’s money in different campaigns on Instagram and on the Play Store we will put into to let people decide whether Travellers is needed in the world or not.
I am happy that we finally got the MVP so far but there is still a lot to do with our developers. To get to our chat function is taking time, Push notification is not working properly and you only see chats if you haven’t changed your location.
Right now it’s all bootstrapped and it will stay like that as long as we’ll be under 10.000 active users. Right now we have about 40 downloads and 2 active users, so it’s a long way to get to 10.000. If you could help to get there that would be great.”
For more info and download, visit:
Remember: Travel places. Meet locals. Let them guide you.

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