Praktikum im Produktmanagement bei Bolt Capital

Praktikum im Produktmanagement bei Bolt Capital

bolt_capitalLust auf eine englischsprachige Herausforderung im Produktmanagement? Dann dürfte diese Stellenausschreibung für ein Praktikum bei Bolt Capital genau das richtige sein.
Bei Interesse dann bitte direkt über die Website von Bolt Capital bewerben.

You will create a business plan for a solution that will forever change the way people stay connected. In this role, you will get the opportunity to analyze core business aspects: market, competitors, customers; and help design: a go to market plan and the product requirements. This is a unique opportunity to look at all aspects of a business.

You must
•    Have ability to turn complex problems into simple solutions through words and visuals
•    Form opinions yet remain objective
•    Like trying new products because you like products
•    Have ability to put yourself ‘in the shoes of the customer’
•    Have a positive attitude
•    Be committed and organized
•    Comfortable with verbal and written English

•    Opportunity to work remotely
•    Ideally candidate would be located in the Frankfurt, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Karlsruhe and other surrounding areas for in person working sessions

Internship: A free real world education
Cash: Negotiable
Bonus: Opportunity to stay onboard and be paid to manage the product development

About Bolt Capital
Founded in 2013 and with offices in San Francisco, California, and Frankfurt, Germany, Bolt Capital is a business accelerator venture capital firm that helps companies take product ideas from the whiteboard to revenues.

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