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Turning the Covid19 turmoil into growth

17. Juni 2020 | 13:0014:00

Crisis are accelerators of changes and for startups it means they either react quickly and adapt to grow or they will die.


Now it’s the time to lay the foundation for future exponential growth. How? Focusing on retention first. Growth starts by keeping what you have now. You will learn:

  • How to show genuine extra care to your clients.
  • Clients will want to cancel. What to do to keep them.

Keeping current customers is key to growth, but as a startup you can’t stop there. You need to step on the accelerator and keep impacting new people. How? Online.

  • Growth opportunities are emerging. How to spot them and act quickly.
  • More hours spent online than ever. Social media usage had an increase of 21%. Take advantage of this trend.

After the Covid19 crisis many startups will be forgotten. Don’t be one of them. Now it’s the time to extend the reach by building consistent content:

  • Showing up consistently will build your brand and loyalty.
  • Content is king. How to step up your game with no extra spending.
  • How to show your brand in front of more people.