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Euro Finance Tech

14. November 2018

Every year in November, the Who’s Who of the financial industry meets in Frankfurt. Young, innovative companies get together with the established banking industry. Just like this year. On 14 November 2018, renowned banks, fintechs, start-ups and innovative founders will come together with Google, Facebook and so on. At this year’s EURO FINANCE TECH, the focus is on the question: what can start-ups from the financial industry, and established banks and financial service providers learn from the large corporations in the digital business?
With Gerrit Dietz from Facebook Germany and Thomas Grosse from Google Germany, two GAFA representatives are joining EURO FINANCE TECH. Both are responsible in their company for cooperating with the financial sector. Their interest in the current issues of young entrepreneurs in the industry is huge. In addition they present the possibilities they can offer fintechs, InsureTech or industry-related start-ups.

Digital business models in banking
What are the perspectives for digital business models in the financial sector? 2015, 2016 and 2017, many fintechs already presented their concepts on EURO FINANCE TECH’s pitch stage. Now the conference attendees discuss in November which way companies might take in the future. Open, unprejudiced and with numerous insights of the recent years, there are many valuable impulses for start-ups. This makes EURO FINANCE TECH the ideal place to make new contacts in the industry, to benefit from the experiences of the established or other founders, and to take along new impulses. Experience has shown that these impulses are divers: They affect your own business model, cooperation or market positioning.

What can banks learn from fintechs and what can fintechs learn from Google and Co?
Young founders are in required and demanded at EURO FINANCE TECH. As part of the conference, banks, fintechs and the top dogs of the internet economy are exchanging ideas. Who is making which experience in this dynamic market environment? What can all participants learn from each other?
The experiences of the young digital pioneers in the industry are enormously important. That’s why fintechs and young entrepreneurs are especially welcome at EURO FINANCE TECH. In order for the well-connected and renowned speakers from the digital and financial industries to find out what is going on with young entrepreneurs in the scene, there is a special and limited ticket quota for fintechs and digital pioneers.
If you belong to this group, you can be there on special terms on 14 November 2018 in Frankfurt. Send a message to Christine Völkel and get one of the limited special tickets!