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Empowering Women in Employment & Entrepreneurship

28. Mai | 16:0019:00

In the current economic landscape, it is more important than ever to recognize and support women’s roles in the labor market and entrepreneurship. Despite making up half the population, women are often underrepresented in these areas. This discussion seeks to shed light on the ways we can empower women with an international background and promote their presence in these critical areas.


In an interactive format, our event encourages open conversation in UkrainianEnglish and Spanish, and aims to foster meaningful dialogue and collaboration towards empowering women from all cultural backgrounds in employment and promoting entrepreneurship opportunities. In a relaxed setting, participants can share experiences, ideas, and insights on how to enhance employment prospects and support women in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


The discussion will be a vibrant mix of inspiring success stories, practical advice and innovative strategies to support women in employment and entrepreneurship. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is key to a thriving economy and society, and that everyone’s perspective and expertise will contribute greatly to the richness of this conversation.


The panel discussion will be held in English.


When: Tuesday, May 28, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Where: memox Taunusanlage – Taunusanlage 10, Marienturm 4th floor, 60329 Frankfurt


28. Mai
16:00 – 19:00