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Building Psychological Safety with Listening & Courageous Leadership

23. Februar 2023 | 9:0013:00


A workshop for everybody in a leadership position or involved in organisational and change management.

Listening – the new leadership super-power

How can we make a difference as a leader? How can we have an impact on a positive and supportive team climate that leads to higher performance?

The research on these questions is conclusive: by providing Psychological Safety. And this is not only a theoretical term, relevant for scientist, but also for practitioners.

For Google, the answer is quite clear: Psychological Safety has the biggest impact on success, related to their research (see the Google approach here).

But how can we create a climate of Psychological Safety? How can we create a team climate in which people feel free of threats when they voice, suggest or raise a concern. The answer is: By applying the art and science of listening.

In today’s fast-paced and noisy world, it can be challenging to truly listen to others, whether they be employees, colleagues, or even loved ones. However, effective listening is crucial for building relationships and fostering trust.

A practical listening workshop for teams to build relationships and trust

During the workshop, we will explore the topic of relational leadership and present an evidence-based approach to listening in the context of leadership, courage, and psychological safety and will introduce you to the “Let’s talk” method, a card deck with which an open and honest conversation within a team will be supported. The “Let’s Talk deck” is based on the latest listening and psychological safety research.


Content and Goals of the Workshop:


  • Learn about the power of listening as a mindset and as a skill.
  • Practice listening in 1:1 setting and, in a team, setting.

Concepts and framework

  • Learning about the power of listening
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Listening builds trust and relations
  • A glimpse into psychological safety and its outcomes
  • On the courage to listen and authentic dialogue

Tools & practices becoming a better listener

  • The potential of strong questions
  • Reflection to show understanding
  • Team listening – “Let’s talk” method

Every participant will receive the “Let’s Talk deck” at the end of the workshop.

Case study and User’s voice – an online platform that enables people to create their websites with no coding or design skills needed – is an outstanding example. Based on Wix’s culture, managers, employees, and teams have been invited to “Listening Lab” sessions to learn how to build a team with a sense of psychological safety. A team where people feel free of threats when they voice, suggest, or raise a concern.

To support leaders with a practical tool for authentic and open conversations, managers also received the “Let’s Talk” deck. A set of questions managers can use in multiple settings such as 1:1 conversation, team meetings, weekly meetings etc’ to enable open and honest conversations on the things that matter.

Users’s voice

“If you are looking for a way to enable an open, rich, deep conversation in your team, one that is truly worth listening in on, I highly recommend the Let’s talk pack. From my personal experience, working with these cards opens team conversations, is interesting and refreshing, and provides opportunities to learn new things and increase engagement.

We provided managers with the Let’s talk pack instead of another book. It’s a practical and highly recommended giveaway!”

Tammy Embar, Clalit Health Services


Dr. Dotan R. Castro

I am an experienced management consultant and group facilitator with demonstrated experience in various industries and companies.

My expertise lies in executive development, HR and people support, management consulting, and team building.

I was also a co-founder and VP of products of a start-up company that led HR data-driven web solutions.

I earned my MA in organisational psychology and my Ph.D. in Business Administration – Organisational Behavior.

I also teach MA courses at leading academic institutes and my areas of deep expertise are listening and psychological safety.


Martin Lacroix

I am an entrepreneur, researcher and management consultant helping organisations to manage change processes successfully.

My main areas of work are organisational diagnostics, the training of leaders at all organisational levels and the development of teams, by using evidence-based concepts and data driven approaches.

My specific expertise lies in the area of Servant and Humble Leadership and Employee Engagement, and Listening.

I studied Business Administration and Economics with a focus on Strategic Management, Change Management & Organisational Psychology. I teach BS & MS courses on leadership, organisational psychology and stats at a private university in Germany.


The workshop will take place if at least 10 people register.


23. Februar 2023
9:00 – 13:00


SleevesUp! Frankfurt Gallus
Mainzer Landstraße 178-190
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 60327 Deutschland
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