Jobs to be done – The innovator’s toolkit

Date: Fri 08.06.2018 09: 00h – 17: 00h

Lucy-Hillebrand-Strasse 2
55128 Mainz

More than 80 percent of all startups fail within three years, mostly due to low market demand. The Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) method helps identify customer needs to develop solutions that are accurate.

The aim of the workshop is to significantly increase the success rate of founders by:

• Learn the basics of Jobs to Be Done Theory

• Discovering unmet needs and high-value jobs

• Effective writing of “job statements” that can be used as a basis for products

Speaker: Eckhart Böhme , author and trainer, expert for Lean Startup and “Jobs to be done”

Professional advisor to the German editions of “The Startup Way: The Toolkit for the 21st Century That Will Make Any Business Successful” and Better than Chance: “Jobs to Be Done” – the Strategy for Successful Innovation.

Target group: People interested in founding, startups and entrepreneurs as well as relatives and alumni of the university, university and university medical center Mainz.


A taste of what JTBD:


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