15 startups at MMI SportsTech program with Eintracht Frankfurt / starting tomorrow

15 startups at MMI SportsTech program with Eintracht Frankfurt / starting tomorrow


Do you want to know all the startups that are ready to start the game?

Here is a hint on the projects that will take part of it>

9ineSports is a new channel of communication to enhance the connection between Fans, Athletes, Clubs, Brands and the entire Sports World.
They believe people are active by nature. They believe people are the center of every sport. In the pursuit of balance between sports, innovation, technology and people‘s needs, 9ineSports was born with the assurance to provide nothing but the best resources.
They strive to achieve uniqueness beyond our imagination and offer new alternatives to experience, enjoy and live Sport.

Toni.ai have developed a platform for white-label sports chatbots. Their chatbots are digital sports buddies and first points of consulting that interact and communicate with each fan individually, based on what they need and are interested in. Based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, their chatbot can understand what a user is writing and will respond right away, 24/7, in natural language.

Testspielportal is an online-based platform for connecting handball and football teams interested in test matches.
Coaches can register and search for matches or create an offer by themselves.
Test matches can be organized easier and faster. Quantity and Quality of test matches can be increased.

SYWOS have developed a revolutionary linear resistance technology, that can replace weights and allows instant antagonistic muscle training.

Streetkickers is a digital health company developing an app to become the virtual coach for every soccer player worldwide. By analyzing every player there are individualized training plans, video tutorials for each exercise and evaluated results. All users are automatically part of a great community of other soccer players where everybody can improve their skills by comparing with others and reaching achievements. Streetkickers connects the digital and the real world.

SportMember.de​ vision is to simplify administrative processes for sport clubs and teams that usually require a lot of effort, skills and paper work.

Spobi is the sport locker for athletes and Teams – so the stay focused & thrive.
Wearable and censorial devices have made a huge step forward in recent years. Now it is time to funnel all this data in one place. Their sport-database approach shows exceptional promise for us to collect and analyse massive amounts of biometric and other data. They build a sport eco-system in which we support all participants to reach their full potential. Data tracking/evaluation, peer to peer benchmark, team-management and social features combined in one app to help all sport participants (athletes, teams, coaches, parents, club officials, sponsors, talent scouts & referees).

SKILLCADEMY360° enables your club to act as a competent facilitator of football skills and techniques. The holistic SKILLCADEMY360° concept totally reinvents this concept to match youngster’s needs and wishes. It allows you to channel all of the relevant content to reach your most important target group (9 to 15 year-olds), and deliver the crucial kick-start to the supporters’ journey. Your club will reap the rewards in the long term.

SeatX​ is working on a web & mobile platform, which allows people to rate their stadium / event experience. Future customers are then able to look at these ratings when purchasing tickets.

QUIPE is revolutionizing junior education in football. They hope to identify diamonds, train them more efficiently and anticipate developments. QUIPE is the game changer in international training. For players, for coaches, for the club!

PlayersVote It’s all about the live experience for the fan. Engaging those fans who are not in the stadium on match day is a key challenge for most football clubs. To solve this issue, thez came up with a new fan engagement approach to create a passionate, invested fan base – the platform (called “PlayersVote”) is going to deliver a breakthrough innovation in the fan experience – with live ratings/votings.

Optikick, Football is their passion. With optical intelligence – from data to performance – they want to continue to develop the level of performance in football. To do so, they combine their know-how in the field of business intelligence with football and bring it to the football field in order to sustainably support their customers in their performance development.

Game On is a Dutch technology startup that provides innovative video solutions to sports professionals. Its purpose is to provide athletes, coaches and sports organisations with advanced and easy-to-use video technology through its continuous focus on innovation and its passion for sports and technologies.

Video@thlyzer is the practical video analysis system for sports such as hockey, football and basketball. Game scenes – e.g. Goals and Corners – are “tagged” and immediately categorized. In this way, important scenes can be analyzed in no time, compared with other evaluations, and presented in a clear-cut structure. This saves time and provides the ideal basis for all coaches to immediately tactically adapt their game strategies.


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