What makes us humans human?

What makes us humans human?

A philosophical question answered by a simple guy in a simple manner

It was a sunny late summer Sunday 2017 and I was starting my short statements on how I, Christian H. Rother, a simple guy from Germany reflect on the past, the current and the future.

Follow me on this journey that started to become quite exciting.

While searching for my WHY as per Simon Sinek’s „Start with WHY!“ mantra, topping up my educational career with an EMBA, finding my partner for live, founding a family with now two kids and starting up a new venture within not more than 24 months, the ride through live was everything but boring, let me tell you that!

So let us begin a series of thought-provoking reflections, leading to a movement of changing our mindset on how we engage with todays times …hopefully.

Today I would like to centre my thoughts around us and what really makes us humans.

Straight forward: Emotions, creative thinking and the ability to convert these creative thoughts into action.

Kapitel-1_Textbild_Armin Baumgarten-Figur (smart-collectors GmbH)
Armin Baumgarten | Figur

What triggers us to develop new things? It is the emotional discomfort that pulls us up from our chairs, enlightens our thought machine (this beautifully covered thing called brain) and lets us create. Mankind ever since has been a dreamer and a creator. We feel this emotional need to change things to the better. That is a very human characteristic, right?

What makes not only America, but the whole world and each and every society again and again GREAT AGAIN? It is this remarkable talent of this species so called „homo sapiens“ aka us, that has this brilliant talent of creativity. We are relentless in adopting to new conditions in life. Our endurance to constantly make it to the next second, minute and day is outstanding. We have created an abundance of not so cool (we keep on trying), somewhat nice (we always want to become better), quite good (we can enjoy it quite well) and spectacularly amazing stuff (thanks Elon, Jeff, Steve and all the other folks out there!).



In essence:

What about enjoying every second of our beautiful lives with these beautiful creative bright minds of ours? Get out there and keep on creating!


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