Presenting Kuiba by SouthDrinks

#throwbackLATINAMERICA – Kuiba by SouthDrinks

What is Kuiba?

Is a vitalizing drink, a refreshment that is also designed to refill your energy through your daily tasks. This is achieved thanks to its natural ingredients. Kuiba’s natural flavor transports you to that special moment of where you feel, breathe and live the nature.

The origin of the Name?


The name Kuiba comes from an old and now extinct Indian tribe settled on the Colombian eastern plains, which were well known for their use of Panela in their diet. Panela is then a traditional nourishment not only for this tribe, but the tradition stayed in Colombia, and with Kuiba extends to Europe.

We met Carlos and David at the Startup Night at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management:



We got to know that Kuiba is indeed the first product by the startup South Drinks GmbH that will be launched in the German market.

Kuiba wants to approach the German consumers in an emotional level, seeking for the consumer to travel through time and space and remembers the freshness of a natural and adventurous holiday (resembling a trip to South America).

In a world where every day is becoming more defiant to fulfill the daily objectives, “South Drinks” based in the beautiful city of Münster in Germany, is creating intelligent nourishing solutions and innovative products, which aim to provide our customers with the natural energy they need to surpass the everyday challenge.

South Drinks vision is to be one of the most important distributors of Bioproducts in Europe and at the same time propel the development of Colombia by internationalizing and promoting natural quality products based on local natural ingredients as our principal component, Panela, which is specially produced by some of the poorest inhabitants of the country. South Drinks is looking to expand the channels of distribution for our products and cover all the locations in Germany and in Europe.



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