Blockchain: a new tool for Social Impact

Blockchain: a new tool for Social Impact

If you are into Social Impact – SenseTech and Blockchain – you need to save the date for this event next week: Wednesday, February 28 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Check out the official SenseTech event page:

Experts agree: blockchain technology will disrupt many aspects of our lives. While we often hear about Bitcoin and other “coins”, there are numerous applications of blockchain technology that fall outside of the cryptocurrency realm, including applications for social impact.

There are blockchain solutions designed to enable financial inclusion, optimize energy access, improve education, hack healthcare, track and facilitate aid & development, fight corruption, protect democracy and individual rights, and many others.

At MakeSense Frankfurt, we want to open the dialogue about how these promising solutions based on blockchain technologies can be used for doing good. During this event, you will learn more about concrete use cases and what it means for social entrepreneurs and sense-makers. Come and join us! It’s FREE!


18:30: Welcome & intro
18:45: EDUCATION : Blockchain technologies beyond bitcoin
19:00: INSPIRATION : Use cases and startup presentations
20:15: Break + finger food & drinks 🙂
20:30: INTERACTION – Group discussions proposed by participants
21:15: Wrap up and moving forward

Bálazs-Némethi, CEO at Taqanu
Andreas Lang, Founder at DOR Cyber Solutions (
Björn D. Fischer, CEO at EcoKraft
Stefan Hilbrich, CTO at EcoKraft
Piet Kleffmann, Head of Division at KfW Development Bank


Anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain in the context of social entrepreneurship and wants to contribute to the dialogue. Technologists, software developers, blockchain experts, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, finance gurus, development project managers, etc.

You want to attend and contribute? REGISTER HERE


Social Impact Lab
Falkstraße 5,
60487 Frankfurt am Main

Ring at the bell, then 2nd floor!


SenseTech is a series of worldwide events that will be held in February and is driven by MAKESENSE. It bridges the gap between technologists, social entrepreneurs, and citizens in order to foster collaboration, from the needs of the group up to the algorithm, in order to solve 21st-century problems.


MakeSense engages thousands of citizens and social entrepreneurs across the world to build local solutions for the most pressing issues of our times. To scale the best solutions, MakeSense partners with both governments, local stakeholders, and companies. MakeSense has worked with hundreds of partners to co-develop impactful solutions. 35,000 volunteers have already helped 2,500 entrepreneurs in more than 100 cities, contributing to reaching the global development goals.


This is the first event of its kind from Makesense in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to continue the dialogue with next events in Germany here and online! You have ideas or contacts working on blockchain applications for Social Impact? Get in touch with us via


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