smuuv launches an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign targeting young drivers

smuuv launches an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign targeting young drivers

Yesterday I met Stanislav Shults, at an event here at WeWork Goetheplatz, and today I´m happy to share some interesting hints on his project.

Stanislav, is indeed one of the founders of a young start-up named smuuv, that just started a new project on the popular crowd funding platform “Indiegogo” introducing an innovative way how young drivers can improve their driving abilities and save money while doing so.

Co-founder and idea provider Magnus Höfer states: “Every year there are more than 2.5 Mio. car accidents in Germany – more than 1.5 Mio. are caused by starters1. With smuuv we want to make driving safer and enabling starters to save on their car expenses.”
smuuv is an intelligent, real-time driving analysis system for your car which assesses your driving behavior and enables you to drive safer, challenge your friends and assists you to drive more economical so you can save up to 25% fuel.

Additionally, many more features planned in order to enable young drivers to drive cheaper and safer.
When Magnus and the other co-founder Stas met, after a short period of time they realized that both of them had one thing in common: They both had a close family member who recently passed their driving license exam. They found out that despite the fact that both of their family members had valid driving licenses, they did not feel comfortable driving a car on their own.
Thus, the two started to discuss opportunities how to realize this idea and could convince Felix to join the founders team. With Stas in-depth technical know-how as a software engineer, Felix solid finance background and Magnus experience as a CEO of an international mobility service provider, they are confident to have all the skills what it takes to make this a dream come true.
Until today, the three founders have managed to create a prove-of-concept which already demonstrates key features of the finished product. They set their goal to raise 60.000 € on Indiegogo to go into production. Their campaign will start in Q2 2018. If you want to support them please register at and receive as the fist the date of campaign start and Exclusive Early-Birds discounts.
By sharing with your friends you can win Fuel gift cards up to 50eur.

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