Around Titans #sweatproud

Around Titans #sweatproud
Sweat is not seen as an accessory. But everyone sweats and sweat is a sign of full gas, energy, and absolute willpower. This is what AroundTitans have taken advantage of and created with an innovative idea a whole new sports shirt experience.
AroundTitans shirts are printed with a special ink, which is not visible on a dry shirt and only comes to light when the athlete sweats properly. 
The Around Titans Gear is for all the athletes who want to stand out from the crowd by their high level of performance and passion, love sports and want to wear that lifestyle.
Their motto?
“People do not lack the power. You are missing the will “- Victor Hugo. This is all clear: it is more in you than you think and we pick it out of you. You do not believe them? Put on a shirt and start sweating.

To better get to know the product and the project we spoke with Sebastian Riegger, Co-Founder and Creative Director.
RMS: When and why did you decide to launch your project?
We started the project in the late summer of 2015. Philipp, a good friend of mine from school and now business partner, told me one day about his idea of t-shirts that reveal their prints when the athlete is sweating. I thought its a great idea and told him, as my mom works in the fashion industry and I study fashion, that he could ask me anytime if he needs some help with design, production etc. After a couple of days Philipp called me then and asked me if I wanted to start the project with him together and I accepted immediately. After a couple of weeks of thinking about ideas and goals, we finally launched Around Titans in November 2015.
RMS: Can you share your main goals?
Our main goal is to offer our customers a product that motivates them and pushes them to their limits. Before starting the project we talked to many people, friends, retailers and athletes. Many of them see sweat as something negative, smelly and disgusting. We want to change that perspective. For us sweat is something positive, it shows that you work hard and give everything. Our shirts support this idea, which is why we promote the idea of #sweatproud.
RMS:Looking back, which were the best and worst moments so far?
A really exciting moment was definitely when we received the first collection in August 2016. After months of making sketches, negotiating with producers and working on the website, it was a really exciting and proud experience to finally hold the t-shirt in our hands. Also making it into the finals of the ISPO BRANDNEW competition in 2017, was an experience we are really proud of. Of course there were also really disappointing moments, for instance, we worked with a web designer we trusted, to make our website. He did not finish our website on time, so we stopped working with him. Unfortunately, we didn’t send him a dunning later, so we still had to pay the whole price. A typical beginner mistake. Looking back, it was good also making these mistakes, as I think we can learn best from them.
RMS: What are the next steps for your business?
Our next step will be to launch our new collection this winter. Also, we are looking for possibilities to get into local stores and gyms, so we can offer our customers another way to purchase our products. For next year we are planning some exciting cooperations, but I can’t tell much more yet.
RMS:  Where can we buy the products?
Right now you can buy our products through our online shop on or on different events which we participate in.
RMS: Where can we meet you? Are you going to be on any showroom/event soon?
Yes, we will be at the German Throwdown in Mainz on November 11th and 12th. We participated already last year and it is one of the biggest Crossfit events in Germany.
More about the project:

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