Various project-based job offers from Creative Learning Space


Various project-based job offers at Creative Learning Space

The Creative Learning Space is an innovative Learning & Development startup company to be founded in 2016. Our mission is to provide human-centered learning innovations. We rethink and redesign learning to free the world from  boring and frontal seminars. We want to inspire, facilitate progress, enable development and unlash the full potential of adult learners. We believe in the power of multimedia, social, mobile, and problem-based learning, micro coaching as well as gamified design. To bring life to the company’s corporate identity and to our first product – a digital multimedia learning program for creative problem solving skills – we are looking for brilliant support in various disciplines.

General requirements

We are looking for fresh, creative and innovative mindsets. As we believe that geniusness goes beyond traditional  training, we welcome talented students, graduates as well as professionals from around the world and from various educational backgrounds to apply for our projects. We are willing to grow together, if we feel that our partners are as motivated, goal oriented and perfectionist as we are.

The projects require a strong ability to empathize with customers and learners, an interest in the field of learning & development, and a willingness to work in an interdisciplinary field of design, education, and technology. You will work hand in hand with psychologists, educators and business people. We all have a strong affinity for design and  technology. However, we need collaborators who understand our ideas and who bring them into action. A great  openness to different fields of application and approaches within your discipline and our project is therefore as important for us as is your flexibility during our co-creation process.

We also look for a person with a great deal of conscientiousness. Being absolutely reliable in terms of scheduled meetings, deadlines, and frequent communication is a must. You should have the time and capacities to focus primarily on the Creative Learning Space.

Languages: fluent German and/or English

Working mode: Freelance job, project-based, mainly virtual collaboration and if possible personal status meetings. If you apply as a student or graduate, we can discuss other options as well.

Project start: As soon as possible. Ideally in June/July 2016

Aspired project end: September/Oktober 2016

In the following you’ll find descriptions of what we look for in detail. Ideally, you’ll take over more than one role/task as they are highly connected.
Motion graphic designer
– Development of a design concept for explainer (learning) videos
– Conceptional sparringspartner for content development and composition (storylines etc.)
– Ability to develop basic illustrations and cooperate with an illustrator
– Realization and production of graphic videos/clips including animation, composition,
cut and sound/voice over
– Illustration concept for explainer (learning) videos and infographics
– Creation of digital illustration for learing videos
– Supplying and cooperating with the motions graphic designer
Graphic designer
– Designing corporate identity material such as presentation templates, print material, business cards based on an existing style guide
– Designing (interactive) infographics for learning contents

– Interface/web-design of an multi-device corporate website based on an existing style guide
– Interface/web-design of a complementary learning platform including special (gamification) elements such as quiz, assessments, badges, communication tools
– In collaboration with an information architect
– Backend and frontend for corporate website as well as for a learning platform (login area with specific account structures and permissions)
– Multi Device and mobile compatible (HTML5)
– Research and implementation of various plug-in options such as video player, calendar, microblogging, discussion, messaging, blog, quiz, gamification, assessment
– Authoring tool for editorial content

Please address your application to Deborah @ Creative Learning Space via email (
Please do not send standard applications. ONLY apply if you are really, really fond of the Creative Learning Space. Please name the project(s) and discipline(s) you apply for.
Send your: (1) standard CV, (2) motivation to co-create the Creative Learning Space, (3) portfolio with your relevant work for the job, (4) examples of other’s work you like or of work you think might fit. Please explain your choices.
For any question, please do not hesitate to contact Deborah via email ( or Skype (savvyconcept).

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