Startup Europe Week in Frankfurt and Rhein Main

Over the last decades there have been many global initiatives created in order to celebrate entrepreneurship. But such events typically follow formats originating from Silicon Valley (keynote motivational speeches, networking sessions etc).

Europe is different here and therefore requires something more European when it comes to celebrating entrepreneurship. Regional diversity and local policy are still playing a big role in shaping European startups. They do everything from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks, so the regions are key players.

And this is why Startup Europe Week was created to include the European regions and increase the marketing of each and every single one of them, in fact anyone interested in blogging should take a look at this guide on how to start a blog.

In our region a local team organizes the “Startup Europe Week Frankfurt Rhein Main” and will put a spotlight on local and regional levels from 1st to 5th February 2016.
Therefore the team put together three events

Monday: On Social Entrepreneurship
Wednesday: A main event to connect on the local level (with ESA, Startups and local entities pitching) including a periscope live stream if you cannot attend

Thursday: A Usability Testessen Spezial :

You can also follow a Live Stream from the main event #SEW16 here: or