CloudRail, die universelle Schnittstelle für Cloud-Dienste, jetzt als Beta-Tester kennenlernen

CloudRail, die universelle Schnittstelle für Cloud-Dienste, jetzt als Beta-Tester kennenlernen

Cloudrail LogoDas Startup CloudRail möchte eine universelle Schnittstelle für Cloud-Dienste entwickeln und anbieten. Für den nächsten Entwicklungsschritt werden nun Entwickler für einen Beta-Test gesucht.

About a year ago, we at CloudRail came together to build tools for developers that saved time, reduced costs, and allowed for better products to be built. Why? Because we experienced massive time and money waste integrating and maintaining APIs from many service providers in our solutions. We believed there had to be a better way.

Our goal at CloudRail is to build a universal API that can work with any system and can automatically adapt to new/changed services. Thus software developers only have a single interface to access services. Yes a big vision for a big problem.

Today we have a beta version of the product ready for action. We aim to ensure that CloudRail becomes the best product it can be. Given that it will support so many unique workflows that developers deal with on a daily basis, there are just too many scenarios for us to test by ourselves…to do so, we need your help.

The goal of this beta test is to find and reproduce all unintended behavior of this version, which initially features Dropbox and Google Drive with more cloud storage providers coming during the beta period. Your feedback not only helps us to improve CloudRail but also influences the course of our future development.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. For being an active user of CloudRail and completing our beta program, you will receive one (1) year of free service. 

We are very excited with our results and continuously improving the product. To do so, we need your help! Get started today at:

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