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  • Sektor Herstellung medizinischer Geräte
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Company Description


The new home for your contacts. The future of lense care. This is LENZBOX. Available soon at lenzbox.com

LENZBOX is the first all-in-one-system for optimal and convenient lense care. It enables users to store their lenses safely and clean them by the press of a button. About 100 mio. users of reusable contact lenses struggle daily with cleaning their lenses – and numbers are growing. While cleaning, lack of accuracy can lead to severe eye inflammations. LENZBOX solves this problem by providing users with a simple and safe solution. With the press of a button, lenses get rinsed, cleaned and stored safely in liquid and airtight. The ecofriendly cartidge lasts for 14 cleanings and can easily be swaped when it´s empty. This leads to longterm and profitable customer relationships with a business model comparable to Nespresso. The market for contact lense solution is constantly growing and it´s volume is currenty USD 3 Mrd. Looking ahead, LENXBOX can easily be equipped with digital functionality, leveraging the potential of smart lenses – a market that is predicted to be > USD 10 Mrd in 2025.

Currently, patent and design protections have been registered. LENZBOX is now ramping up production and will be avaible in early 2022.


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