Accelerator Frankfurt partners with Santiment to set up the Blockchain Hub

Accelerator Frankfurt partners with Santiment  to set up the Blockchain Hub

Accelerator Frankfurt partners with Santiment (a successful crypto data insights provider) to set up the Santiment Blockchain Hub. The vision is to build a place where like-minded people can collaborate and to push blockchain to the next level. The Santiment Blockchain Hub, powered by Accelerator Frankfurt, will collaborate with different players in the blockchain ecosystem and academia will be a natural part of the hub. It will provide education in crypto assets and blockchain technology. The target is to create a viable self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

“It is a natural move to concentrate on blockchain, the technology has matured over the years and now we can see real use cases. To-date, blockchain companies have been reaching two out of three important stages: fundraising and product building; now it is time to scale-up. We see great value collaborating with Santiment. The future belongs to those post-ICO companies who understand that they need to build viable businesses.” says Ram Shoham, co-founder of Accelerator Frankfurt.
A friendship between the founders of Santiment and Accelerator Frankfurt started years ago and has matured to a common vision.


“Accelerator Frankfurt is a natural fit as a partner for Santiment. The founder of Santiment Maksim Balashevich with his team have built a startup true to the original goals of blockchain; transparency and open source collaboration. We share a common vision of creating an ecosystem that can operate interdependently and when needed by-pass the slow moving traditional incumbents. Lobbying, research and education are needed to help mainstream and regulators to understand that there are problems that can efficiently be solved with blockchain technology.” says Maria Pennanen, CEO of Santiment Deutschland GmbH and co-founder Accelerator Frankfurt.

Stay tuned for more information and news about the coming activities of the Santiment Blockchain Hub. Those active in blockchain and crypto space (developers, investors, data scientist, researchers etc.) don’t hesitate to contact us and meet us. We are very excited to move and start our operation from the new MINDSPACE Frankfurt in the city center. More info and You can follow us on twitter @santimentfeed and @accelerator_ffm, or contact per email or

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