GraphCMS Launches Redesign, Lands Funding

GraphCMS Launches Redesign, Lands Funding

The original GraphQL CMS launches revamped application with new features and freshinterface. Brings home $1 Million in seed funding.

GraphCMS, a highly technical and driven startup from the heart of Germany, is thrilled to announce the launch of their revamped content management system. The release brings a unified and improved GraphQL API, an entirely revamped user experience and the long awaited staging workflow to this paradigm-shifting CMS.
These features build upon the promise and mission of creating the best experience for both editors and developers. As the company continues to expand and support its growing list of agency and enterprise customers, they are also excited to announce they closed $1 Million in funding led by Germany’s own Paua Ventures and some influential business angels. The company will use the capital to further recruit A-List talent and expand in the enterprise CMS market.
GraphCMS is the innovative content management software that combines the new industry standard of “Headless” content tools with the extremely exciting GraphQL technology.
Businesses have become used to choosing between a nice writing experience but severely limited functionality or a powerful interface that is cluttered and confusing with astronomical developer cost to fill their CMS needs.
Headless CMSs solve this problem by decoupling presentation from content management.

From a single source of truth, a headless CMS can power apps, websites, hardware and more. GraphQL expands on this by offering limitless flexibility in API structure. Instead of the traditional list of hundreds of API endpoints, GraphQL is powered by a single endpoint and a special query to defined the desired data in just one request.Reducing this complexity saves medium to enterprise sized businesses significant resources.
Content creators are more efficient thanks to the new features, developers are faster with the simplicity of the API structure and operations are freed up from having to keep several content sources, built on different technologies, in sync.

GraphCMS is moving fast and building an incredibly powerful CMS. Come check out their latest features and experience what true content management can be. If the idea of creating the world’s most developer friendly and innovative content management system sounds exciting to you, check out their hiring page, too!

About the company

GraphCMS is providing a GraphQL based headless content management system. The company founded in 2017 is located in Gießen/Germany and has 10 employees. After product launch in last August, more than 10,000 developers have used the platform for their content driven digital products.
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L.r. : (part of the GraphCMS team) Daniel Winter, Jonas Faber, Fabian Beliza, Michael Lukaszczyk

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