webweek rhein-main 2018 – day 4

Welcome to Germany’s Silicon Valley: Around the world’s largest Internet hub -in.
Frankfurt has a huge network of people, initiatives and companies. You
are already shaping the morning today. Network at: // webweek rhein-main at many events between Darmstadt, Marburg, Hanau and Mainz or on the web. The future is starting now.

Today, as for the forth day, we have another crazy day full of events, 9 in total,  including for example:

Cyber-Workshop-Live-Pishing: Wie gehen Angreifer vor? – Damstadt – 17.00 – link

#MitHashtagundHandschelle – Wir können mehr als nur 280 Zeichen! – Wiesbaden – 18.30 – link

Tatcraft Barabend – 18.00 -21.00 – link

FFM Datascience / Frankfurt School of Finance – 19.00 – 23.00 – link

php Usergroup – 19.00 – 22.00 – link

You can find the fully detailed program here:


 Some shots and videos from the events that took place the last few days:



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