webweek rhein-main 2018 – day 1

Welcome to Germany’s Silicon Valley: Around the world’s largest Internet hub -in.
Frankfurt has a huge network of people, initiatives and companies. You
are already shaping the morning today. Network at: // webweek rhein-main at many events between Darmstadt, Marburg, Hanau and Mainz or on the web. The future is starting now.



Today´s evetn include:

World Cup oracle with CHECK24 https://make-rhein-main.de/orakel

We oracle the results of the upcoming World Cup! The official: // webweek We celebrate in the bread factory on Whitsun Monday. The World Cup oracle is eagerly awaited: the consoles of the World Cup will be played on the console. Teams who want to play can sign up.

Location: Bachmannstraße 2-4, Frankfurt (Hausen)

14:00 – 18:00

Digital Media Women

We start the Webweek Rhein-Main 2018 with a quiz about digital media! Starting at 18:00 we start networking and team selection and at 18:30 we start the quiz. Come by Waxy’s Irish Pub Frankfurt to meet new people, chat, have fun and win prizes!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/dmw-pub-quiz-der-webweek-rhein-main-2018-tickets-44195992403

Location: Waxy’s Irish Pub, Taubenstr. 11, Frankfurt




Also today:


Sdui @tatcraft – 16.00

Webmontag Frankfurt -19.30


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