On their weekly´s newsletter, GTEC shared today a link to their´slatest PR, including the news of a partnership between GTEC and FS for Startup and Executives education, with the following content:

“As part of GTEC’s mission to connect startups, corporations and academia, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and corporate executives. This cooperation will involve having the GTEC Management deliver several lectures on entrepreneurship starting in 2019 as part of Frankfurt’s School curriculum, teaming up for Executive Education initiatives in the blockchain space and organising the first edition of the Crypto Startup School on June 25-29, taking place in the Frankfurt School.

Fulfilling our aim to bring startup ideas into the academic world, our Director of Education, Robin Weninger, along with our Director of Operations, Maria Gross, will become actively involved in shaping the entrepreneurship blocks of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management programs.

“We are very happy about this partnership and are looking forward to extending our footprint in the academic sector in Germany by teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs” – Benjamin Rohé, GTEC’s Founding Managing Director.

For GTEC, these joint efforts are an excellent opportunity to leverage the knowledge and network of two of the leading educational institutions in Germany to show corporate executives and small companies the relevance of entrepreneurship and blockchain as two of the most relevant emerging trends in the business world.

On top of this, with the launch of the Crypto Startup School, both parties aim to create the first top-notch summer school that combines blockchain knowledge with entrepreneurship, connecting academic knowledge with hands-on practices. In one week, participants will not only go from beginner to expert on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but they also will be given the chance to build their own blockchain ventures. The first 3 winning projects will be awarded with starting seed investment, and projects finishing fourth, fifth and sixth will receive deep-dive workshops on ICO campaign management.

Over the course of the week, the focus of this academic initiative is to provide insight into Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which represent a new mechanism for financing everything from high-tech companies to existing companies, regardless of whether they are startups, SMEs, medium-sized companies or large corporations.

The program is structured on three basic modules: “Blockchain Technology”; “ICOs”; and “Entrepreneurship”. Numerous well-known guest speakers are involved, among them Dr. Luka Müller (MME), Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler (DWF), Paul Kohlhaas (Consensys), Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center), Robin Weninger (German Tech Entrepreneurship Center), Paul Kammerer (Commerzbank), Matthias Woestmann (Envion) and Patrick Lowry (Iconiq Lab).

“ICOs are here to stay as we transition towards blockchain-based applications and a token economy. Therefore, every startup, entrepreneur and company needs to understand the marketing, technical, legal and regulatory rules of this new funding tool.” – Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

“Blockchain technology is the beginning of the trust and transparency economy. In combination with a structured approach to entrepreneurship, the technology offers many opportunities to tackle the challenges we face as society. Therefore, I am very happy that we start our partnership with Frankfurt School by launching the Crypto Startup School”, Robin Weninger, GTEC’s Director Education

This cooperation also involves the GTEC NO BULLSHIT LAB (NBL), as the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center will provide GTEC with a selection of startups in the blockchain space so they can benefit from GTEC’s NBL offering, and the existing startup members of the NBL will also get support and guidance from the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center staff when expanding into blockchain technologies.

We hope you find this great news as exciting as we do and that you join us in all the initiatives we’re preparing together with the Frankfurt School in the upcoming months!”

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Link to buy tickets:


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