Crypto Startup School 2018

Crypto Startup School 2018

ICO acceleration in one week. Deep focus on Blockchain, ICOs and Entrepreneurship.

Mo., 25.06.2018, 09:00 Uhr – Fr., 29.06.2018, 11:30 Uhr

  • 5-day workshop with excellent lecturers
  • In-depth focus on the ICO ecosystem, business models, technology, legal and investor relations
  • Top-notch networking platform for SMEs, corporates, VCs and startups
  • Hands-on experience of developing an ICO-ready business model from concept to creation
  • Contest for the best pitch, including prize money for the three best projects

In the wake of sky-rocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the ICO market has sprung to life and developed into a growing token-ecosystem. Due to the rising number of startups seeking funding through ICOs, the question arises whether traditional venture capital is on the verge of disruption. Since ICOs are here to stay, SMEs, startups, and corporates need to understand the fundamentals, dynamics, regulatory aspects and transformative powers for their business models. This boot camp aims at taking a deep-dive into the ICO ecosystem in the context of entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide participants with the necessary tools to make existing business models ICO-ready, or to accelerate a new business model through an ICO, respectively. Notable lecturers include:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
Robin Weninger, German Tech Entrepreneurship Center
Paul Kammerer, Commerzbank
Patrick Lowry, Iconiqlab
Sergej Stein, DLT Capital
Dr. Sebastian Keding, McDermott Will & Emery
Andreas Höfner, Arbitrage Analytics
Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz, d-fine
Christian Labetzsch, micobo

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center jointly organize the Crypto Startup School, which will take place from 25-29th of June 2018 on the campus of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Over the course of one week, participants have the opportunity to obtain insights on relevant subjects during lectures, network with others and develop their own ICO business model in a group project. To top it off, the best three projects win a prize money and have the chance to see their business model come to life.
The following topics will be in focus:

  • How important will the ICO and token ecosystem be as a funding vehicle in the future? Will traditional venture capital be disrupted?
  • How does seed-funding through an ICO work?
  • What implications do liquidity and market capitalization of cryptocurrency markets have on the liquidity and feasibility of ICOs?
  • Are cryptocurrencies a prerequisite for a functioning ICO-market?
  • How do I develop feasible Blockchain use-cases and business models?
  • What opportunities and risks do I need to be aware of when accelerating an existing business with funding through an ICO?
  • How can tokens be structured? What difference does that make from a legal and regulatory point of view?
  • What are the main differences in regulatory frameworks for tokens between countries? Does geography play a vital role despite a globalized market?
  • How to set up a feasible token model and campaign?
  • What are the best practices when preparing an ICO pitch-deck?
  • What information do I include in an ICO whitepaper? How do I structure it correctly? What are the main sources of error?


Participants will be working in groups on their individual ICO projects during afternoon sessions. On the final day of the program, each group is given the opportunity to pitch their project in front of a group of judges. The total prize money of 10.000€ will be awarded to the three best projects as follows:

Winner: 5.000€
Runner-up: 3.000€
Third: 2.000€

Location: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Date: Monday 25 until Friday 29, June 2018
Language: English


Registration via Eventbrite is required; Participants who might not want to pay via credit card on Eventbrite can contact us; this way we will provide an invoice which would then be paid e.g. via bank transfer.

Services included in the ticket price consist of participation in the program for the entire week, drinks over the course of every day and lunch. Please note that breakfast, dinner, and accommodation is not included.


See event website:


This conference is ideal for participants who are looking to understand the transformative power of the ICO market on existing and new business models, as well as on project funding:

  • Startups and founders interested in exploring the opportunities and risks of ICO funding
  • SMEs, high-tech companies, and corporates looking to understand the ICO as a funding mechanism and its implications for their business
  • Investors in innovative technology, venture capitalists and crypto investors seeking to leverage ICOs for their investment decisions
  • Lawyers, consultants, and analysts (with IT or business background)


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
Phone: +49 69 154 008-790


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