Open Office Friday: Antelope.Club

Open Office Friday is a section to showcase some offices in Frankfurt from the coolest startups. Nothing like opening the doors for those who never visited or met us.

ANTELOPE takes your Fitness to a New Level – but what about their office?

Take a look at this amazing atmosphere:

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The ANTELOPE.TEAM is made up of skilled individuals with expertise in various fields, who all share a passion for Sport. They have recruits from all over the world, who bring diverse ideas to help develop our products and company.

Based in the Banhofviertel, in the city center of Frankfurt, they believe in people and their power from the inside. They believe that personal limits have nothing to do with physical limitations. They believe that everyone has the right to live up to their full potential.

Oldie but Goldie, an interview with their CEO Philipp G. Schwarz at


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