Entrepreneur University 2018

Entrepreneur University 2018

On April 21 & 22 the Entrepreneur University returns

The Entrepreneur University is a young startup which specialized in startup, entrepreneurship and personal development live events. It officially counts as one of the biggest speaking platforms in Europe.

The main event is supposed to transport valuable content to the audience to really make an impact on their lives. Many partners and participants value the networking character of the event, which combines experts of all fields in one places and offers the perfect environment to inspire and connect with like-minded people.

In almost no time, the Entrepreneur University developed to one of Europes biggest public speaking platforms and is currently planning one of the biggest and most innovative startups, entrepreneurship and personal development live event, taking place in the city of Darmstadt.

On April 21 & 22, they will offer one of the highlights in the startup community 2018, expecting more than 4,000 attendees.

Why should you visit the event?

The Entrepreneur University combines the most powerful knowledge of all experts in the fields of startups, entrepreneurship, personal development and success in one place and offers the opportunity to further develop and execute on business ideas.

Furthermore, the event itself is best described as an inspiring and motivating experience and cannot be associated with the typical character of a business seminar.

Apart from famous TV personalities, professional speakers and the most successful founders of our country, the event also includes the most ambitious startup brands and companies from all over the world.

A-list prominence like the heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, Saygin Yalcin or the well-known businesswoman and judge of the TV show „Die Höhle der Löwen“, Lencke Steiner, will gather here.

The list of speakers continues with startup legends like the founders of „Urlaubspiraten“, „MyMuesli“ or „Foodora“ and goes on with world class speakers such as Laura Seiler, Tobias Beck and many more.

What is going to happen on this weekend?

The 2018 event will take place in the city of Darmstadt, more specifically in the Darmstadtium.
More than 18,000 m², will be separated into a main campus, 6 theme stages and a enormous networking and expo area. The 6 theme stages consist of entrepreneurship, startups, mindset, financial freedom, sales and online marketing.

Another special feature of the event goes by the name „pitch club“.

Chosen startups will be given the chance to pitch their business models in front of a jury including prominent investors, companies and investment groups to gain an investment anywhere between 10,000 € and 10 million €.

„Our event is developed to create a sustainable interest in personal development and the startup scene, as much as it is meant to motivate and inspire our audience. Our goal is to create the ultimate experience, the tipping point for anyone who is striving for more than a 9-5.“ – Danny Söder, Co-founder



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