Start-ups & Entrepreneurship by Young Leaders in Finance @ Bloomberg Frankfurt

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship by Young Leaders in Finance  @ Bloomberg Frankfurt

The Young Leaders of Finance Club is hosting another great conference on the 25th of January here in Frankfurt on the following topic: Start-ups & Entrepreneurship.

They are delighted to host as speakers: David Wohde, CEO of Acomodeo; Maria Moller, CEO of Just in Case; and Celine Preusche, CEO of Snippet

Topics: Of the millions of start-ups launched every year, only a handful of them become giants like Google or as successful as Airbnb. The humble roots and inspiring success stories of these companies continue to motivate new dreamers to innovate and take the leap of faith into the unknown.

Do you want to know about the behind-the-scenes happenings within a start-up ? What the most common mistakes and biggest challenges faced by founders are ? How to find a unique motto, slogan or the appropriate mission statement ? How to break into or create a market ?

Come and discover all the answers!

Date: Join on the 25th of January 2018 from 19h to 21h.

Venue: Bloomberg, Neue Mainzer Straβe 75, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Schedule for the evening:

1900-1920hrs: Meet-up

1920-1935hrs: Welcome address

1935-2100hrs: Maria Moller, David Wohde and Celine Preusche

How to subscribe? Event is free but you have to subscribe here or on the Bloomberg terminal tap

The event will be held in english

About the Young Leaders Club:

The Young Leaders of Finance (Le Club des Jeunes Dirigeants Financiers) gathers financial leaders and people who want to become the next ones.

This club has 2 objectives :

– Engage debates about the future and the role of Finance with public leaders and financial actors

– Support and develop new potentials and diversity in the financial world.

The Young Leaders of Finance is a part of the Financial Leaders Center (Centre des Professions Financières) managed by Michel Pébereau (Former CEO of BNP Paribas).

This club has an european vision with several branches in : Paris, Frankfurt, Luxemburg and Brussels. The main value of the club is to spread the idea of committed and innovative finance as a tool for all people.

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