How to create a network that works for you?

How to create a network that works for you?

How to create a network that works for you?

What do startup entrepreneurs want? A good team, investors to put funds and faith in them, mentors, enter an acceleration program, clients, media coverage, and so on… all to allow for their solution to make its impact on people.

It is all possible with hard work and also focus on an important component – relationships. One of the strongest assets an entrepreneur has is the network of people he/she surround themselves with.

In this session, Lirone Glikman, a business relationship consultant will share practical tools and tips on how to strategically form a supportive network of people that can help you reach your startup goals. This session will provide you with the essence to building empowering and authentic connections for the long run!

About the Speaker:

Lirone Glikman is a business relationships consultant and a keynote speaker, the developer of “The 5 Pillar Method of Effective Business Relationships.”™. Since 2011, Lirone has been working with thousands of business owners, startup entrepreneurs and organizations around the world, providing them with practical tools to create and manage authentic and strategic relationships. Some of her clients are: Google, eBay, Cornell University, Tel Aviv University and more. Lirone is a contributor at the Huffington Post and serves as an adviser to an external United Nations NGO Committee on Sustainable Development.

Event Schedule:

12:00- Reception.

12:20- Accelerator Frankfurt welcome

12:30- “How to create a network that works for you?”

13:10- Networking, pizza and drinks

14:00- End

Entrance is free of charge. Session will be held in English.

Accelerator Frankfurt in Techquartier

Platz der Einheit 2 · Frankfurt

Second floor


Tuesday, 16th of January 2018, 12:00 to 14:00



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