Landing Pad Special: Solus Connect

Landing Pad Special: Solus Connect

Landing Pad Your springboard to Europe’s largest market – in this special section we will present daily the projects that are enrolled in this edition – partnership from KPMG and TQ.
Solus Connect is a highly adaptive and agile platform that offers a versatile suite of next-generation, multi-factor authentication software that seamlessly integrates machine-learning unobtrusive biometric solutions and behavioral tools that utilize user and device behavior to detect and predict fraudulent behavior.
Solus leverages its technology and partnership advantages to deliver a solution that solves two key issues of digital businesses: user fraud and hacking.
Solus delivers a super-secure, easy-to-use authentication platform for businesses with important digital assets to protect.
Solus brings the same convenience and flawless security long enjoyed by the world’s leading banks, to now serve websites in other industries with equally valuable digital assets to protect.
The Solus solution is flexible, speedy to implement, highly-scalable, and can comply with all privacy regulations.
They currently have 14 employees in the U.K. and Singapore.
Solus has no hardware requirements and can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-premises solution that reduces the reliance on dongles to improve security and reduce costs.
The platform is operating system- and device- agnostic and allows customers to customize their authentication needs from simple username and password to biometric MFA.
The platform can easily be upgraded for new features and prevents customers from being “locked in” to a specific product.
In addition, the behavioral algorithm and scoring mechanism is proprietary to Solus and at present they are unaware of any competitors with a similar product roadmap.
Backed by a powerful authorization and encryption technology, Solus provides greater reliability, security and ROI than its competitors.
They are looking for refining their MVP based on feedback from participants and visitors to Landing Pad and deeper understanding of the requirements of the German banking system.

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