Landing Pad Special: Keychain

Landing Pad Special: Keychain

Landing Pad Your springboard to Europe’s largest market – in this special section we will present daily the projects that are enrolled in this edition – partnership from KPMG and TQ. 
Keychain is a technology company providing products and services for authenticating data in critical operational environments such as finance, industry, automotive, and enterprise.
Keychain does that by applying the blockchain concept in a new way to concrete business.§ With the Keychain product having been built over the last year, in the next
With the Keychain product having been built over the last year, in the next three months, they want to release the beta versions of two or three applications (IoT, SDK, secure cloud, and document digital signatures) and the production version within the next 6-9 months.
They plan on opening oversea offices in EU and the US.0
They have less than 5 employees and are self-founded.
They are looking forward to meeting banks/industry and investors are the most valuable for them.
The value of Keychain’s solutions include:
1) Increased cyber security with data-centric encryption and digital signatures
2) Reduced operating costs by allowing clients to use open architectures such as cloud, and cheaper network with better security than currently exists.
3) New patterns of business, particularly financial, where digitally signed records and documents (for example invoices) form the basis of securitization and corporate or trade financing.
Implications are far-reaching, including GDPR compliance, Industry 4.0, space communication, and financial regulatory compliance.
Keychain is the first company in the world to provide these solutions to a wide range of technology platforms including IoT devices as small as a USB stick.

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