Landing Pad Special: Emotics

Landing Pad Special: Emotics

Landing Pad Your springboard to Europe’s largest market – in this special section we will present daily the projects that are enrolled in this edition – partnership from KPMG and TQ.
Emotics helps to solve widely recognised problems with compliance training by monitoring user behavior during compliance training in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and oil & gas. This includes using webcams to monitor learners’ facial micro-expressions
This includes using webcams to monitor learners’ facial micro-expressions to measure emotional engagement with training sessions.
They are currently not generating revenue.
They are in the process of conducting proof-of-concept pilots with the APAC head offices for two leading insurance companies.
Currently, they have 4 employees.
They are mainly sel-founded, and received only $ 20k as part of enrollment in the Zeroth.Al accelerator. Expecting to raise a seed round in Q4 2017.
All their collected data is displayed in an analytics dashboard where compliance managers can see engagement across different courses and topics, whether it be internally generated or purchased from third party providers.
Companies can see engagement levels per individual, and across different roles, seniority levels and geographies, which allows them to (1) accurately evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance training programs, and continually improve their processes, and (2) it also acts as an early warning system for potential breaches of compliance, so they can intervene before they are penalised with billions in fines.
Other companies using big data for risk identification focus on data mining of communications and transactions; unlike these companies, which identify issues after they arise, Emotics believes that deep understanding of the weaknesses of employees, teams and offices will allow for the proactive prevention of many compliance issues.
They are looking for:
Secure meetings with European regulators
Gain more insight into regulatory challenges in the EU
Demos with financial services firms

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