Landing Pad Special: DeepEyes

Landing Pad Special: DeepEyes

Landing Pad Your springboard to Europe’s largest market – in this special section we will present daily the projects that are enrolled in this edition – partnership from KPMG and TQ.
DeepEyes – – is the only face, gesture, emotion and object A.I. solution that can run in stand-alone environments.
The speed of their algorithms is far above the competition; DeepEyes uses low computer power (e.g. can they run on low-cost smartphones).
They do not need a neural network, which for Financials is a must.
All internal financial systems are closed systems without gateways to the internet.
They offer disruptive technologies for requirements until now considered out of reach for visual recognition.
As opposed to modern systems of artificial intelligence, which use expensive neural networks, the DeepEyes technology is not restrained by hardware requirements or computational capabilities of modern processors and video cards; instead they use low-level computing processes.
Their technology does not require neural networks and is not based on grid computing but exclusively relies on highly sophisticated, smart algorithms.
They are looking for:
Demos with financial services firms
Secure meetings with European regulators
Gain more insight into regulatory challenges in Europe

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