StartupBlink Global Startup Map

StartupBlink Global Startup Map

Yesterday StartupBlink told that they’re looking for Community Leaders to join their program, host local networking events and be a part of the worldwide report launch on a global and local scale.
This should matter to you because you probably want to get more visibility for your project.
… If you’re a startup, you want to be seen by investors and reporters.
… If you own a coworking space you want to reach potential customers.
Whichever box you put your project or business in, you know that being visible and getting traction are essential factors to making it a success.
If no one knows about what you’re doing or what you offer, the chances to grow are limited. They can help.
Look what Alexander from Frankfurt said about our Community Leaders Program:
“Apart from an active community leader that runs the event, it is the team at StartupBlink that makes our community successful. You are doing a great job making us feel welcome and appreciated. A lot of work is put into event marketing, which needs very little input when you sign up as a community leader. In addition, the platform is becoming one of the strongest unified global Startup teams out there. I strongly believe the approach and dedication of the StartupBlink team are essential to the success of the program and can lead us to new heights. I’m very happy to be on board!”
Here’s the good news for you:
They’re opening the enrollment for our Community Leaders program with a special offer until this Friday.
In their Community Leaders program you will:
– Be a part of a global network of other people like you
– Be the host to all StartupBlink meetups in your city, becoming recognized as an authority in the industry in your city
– Get global exposure from StartupBlink’s benefits for program members
Because they’re launching the report soon, this time we can offer something they won’t be able to offer any time in the near future:
All the Community Leaders will have the opportunity to be featured and be a part of the global webinar where we will introduce the global report.
Why is this an opportunity you can’t afford to miss?
Because this does not only mean you’ll have worldwide exposure on the LIVE webinar, but you’ll also have this exposure forever.
The webinar will be recorded and everyone who signs up for StartupBlink will have access to the exclusive webinar – forever.
This is something we can offer only to those of you who are a part of the Community Leaders program now. 
You can always join sometime in the future, but you won’t have this opportunity again.
If you’re interested in having massive exposure, visibility and traction – without paying thousands to a PR firm – this is your opportunity.
Join the program here.
We’re taking enrollments until tomorrow.

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