The Frankfurt International Talent Pool shaping the Frankfurt Mindset

The Frankfurt International Talent Pool shaping the Frankfurt Mindset

Three days ago, the initiative Frankfurt Main Finance, published a very interesting article, written by Sabine Knöß, that you can read the complete version here:
For me as an expat in Frankfurt is always good to read this kind of news. It´s great that the International Talent Pool will increase. No, we won´t compete against each other, indeed, it´s the opposite. We will change the mindsets and more and more, the increase in demand for jobs on a short term will impact positively a number of job offers in the future.
It´s already changing, and Christopher Schmitz, a partner at the international Ernst & Young (EY) consultancy with responsibility for Financial Services, explains in detail with some examples from the tech Sector.
Another interesting figure they share in the article is the overall influx of Indians and other nationalities during the period between 2013 and 2016, that increased by 37 percent in the case of India and 14 percent on average for other nationalities. Great no?
This article reminded me a bit of my first post here at RMS. Obviously not in form, but in content.
It´s been almost two months and I was lucky to network with a lot of expats, a lot of entrepreneurs, and a lot of community gatekeepers. Now, I was able to find a project for me and I find myself pointing at some directions to other expats.
The opportunities are there for both sides of the coin and we need to all stay focused on how to use these opportunities to create long sustainable value for projects and overall community.
I´m confident that the article from Sabine Knöß, the insights from Christopher Schmitz, and my “feelings”, are not just hypothetical theories or dreams.
Time will show it. And in the case of Start-ups, timing is everything. So don´t miss the wave.
Just to finish, I´m sure all of you have seen it before, but it´s one of the trending videos of the month with a similar message:
We are Frankfurt, the city of short distances, between business and home, between Rooftop and Riverside, between tradition and innovation, between a peaceful neighborhood and beautiful outdoors, between experts of today and tomorrow, between every nation, between skyline and high-life, between one European Institution and the next, between you, Europe and the world. The city of short distances bringing us all closer together.

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