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The first neighborhood app for factory sites.
PlanCo – The Factory neighborhood: “A modern employee benefit for daily work-life routine”
MOTIVATION The European production sector represents more than 28 million employees and while it’s a core field, employees in the production sector, working on the ground, are the least engaged employee group historically. 7 out of 10 frontline employees working on factory sites wish for more appreciation from through benefits at their work location. They feel left behind when comparing with all the perks and flexibility their colleagues from the office have, to master private life and work.
MISSION At PlanCo we reimagine employee benefits and enable companies to finally reach also their disconnected production workforce with benefits that support them in their everyday challenges. We are building the first neighborhood app for industrial sites, bringing both frontline employees and nearby local services together for an inclusive work-life culture.
VISION As part of the PlanCo “Factory Neighborhood”, employees can now handle their private requests better and save time & stress on a daily basis. Just like neighbors, they can ask colleagues for advice or items, e.g. to find a math tutor for their kids or lend a tent for the weekend. Beyond that employees are able to connect with the broader neighborhood, the local shops surrounding the factory site and get, for instance, groceries delivered to work. All just one click away, free of charge with the PlanCo App. Companies in return create a sense of belonging and appreciation for greater employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.
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